Meet the Kangal

Kangal, is a dog recognized for its large and strong body, which is covered with thick hair of different shades of gray and a black mask on its face, is considered one of the best guard breeds.

They can be up to eighty inches in height and up to seventy pounds in weight. Kangals are extremely large and powerful sheepdogs of attractive appearance. They are intelligent, independent with calm, benevolent and cautious character. They are protective, well-intentioned and fully loyal to their owners. When Kangals guard entrusted herds or property, they are extremely harsh, fearless quick and determined.

Kangal is a dog, prone to self-determination, but also a pack and community dog. According to the animals and people he lives with, he is a boon. It is not demanding and is easy to maintain. It is advisable to keep it in a house with a yard, but never on a chain because it requires a lot of movement and freedom. If you are not a person of activities and walking, forget about the Kangal because it takes a lot.

He is very curious and excellent and attentive to children. Kangal is the perfect guard dog.